ecig Philadelphia Delaware County

The Best Ecig Philadelphia Delaware County comes from Fingers Vape in Upper Darby. Known as “vape shops,” because e-cigarettes dispense vaporized nicotine or non-nicotine rather than tobacco smoke, their products provide Mods, e-cigarette dispensers, nicotine cartridges, and accessories.Fingers Logo

Most vape shops are independent owners some of traditional tobacco stores or, like most, former tobacco smokers looking for an alternative that will not cause the damage cigarettes or tobacco does with long term use.

“Vape has changed my live” says Patrick Cornwell of Finger’s Vape Shop in the Philadelphia PA area. “I have been vaping for over three years as well as selling the products.” he continued with “my lungs don’t bother me the way the did when I smoked cigarettes.”

People who vape all have the same story of former cigarette smokers looking for a “non as toxic” way to continue to smoke and not cause the damage traditional cigarettes have for so many years.

The booming market of Ecigs – Vape – Eliquid

The market is booming because demand for cigarette smoking alternatives is high, retail overhead is low and profit margins are great. This popularity will continue regardless of public opinion. Most vapor customers enjoy the freedom of vaping all day and not feeling the shakes or gitters tradition cigarettes cause. as word of mouth spreads on this growing industry, so will the need for shops like fingers vape to supply the expertise and equipment to maintain the vaping lifestyle.